about this blog

hello readers! welcome to my beauty blog.

i'm a 20-something gal with a huge love of all things beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. i've been wanting to share this love with others for years, and finally set up shop in my own little corner of the internet to become part of the famed online beauty community.

i've been playing around with makeup since i was little, when my mom would let me go crazy with her avon and mary kay samples. i've had a few too many incidents with blue eyeshadow and red lipstick, but i know how to wear it know :) i have a huge collection of products, both hair and makeup, that i'm constantly building. i love trying new products and passing on my opinions to others.

my goal for this blog is simple: to share my love of beauty with you. this may venture outside of the typical product review or tutorial from time to time, from food to fashion, or more. i hope that it will become a blog your read daily, and look forward to reading. i want to pass down not only my own tips and knowledge, but that of other gurus and experts who i learn from, and you can learn from, too. i do not claim to be an expert by any means, but i have developed my own skills that i hope will become helpful to you.
i am not affiliated with any company, brand, or anything like that. this blog is for my enjoyment and yours as well. if there comes a time when i am sponsored, i will let it be known in the post.


{about me}
my name is tara. i live in philadelphia. i graduated with a degree in communications: public relations in 2009 and now work at a top 100 law firm doing communications, marketing, and web stuff. i also do some freelance writing (don't worry - i know how to use capital letters!) and also work at the famed store, anthropologie.

i like my cats, my family, my friends, diet coke, dark chocolate, twitter, britney spears, jason segel, and the color pink.

my biggest pet peeves are bad grammar, my obnoxious neighbors, and people who don't follow the rules when they drive.


thanks for stopping by!