Tuesday, March 15, 2011

a setup of sorts

i am restarting this blog - hooray! lately i've had such an itch to write about products and trends, and i don't feel like my personal blog is really the place for it anymore. lately i have to really motivate myself to blog, and i think that coming back here is the perfect start.

what i'm really excited about right now is my brand new vanity setup. well, it isn't set up yet - at least, not in real life. right now, it's all in my head! in a few weeks i'm moving into a bigger room in my house, which will allow me to really spread out and set up a fun and unique space.

right now, my area looks like this (apologies for the awful centering):

though some things have changed - like a cool organizer for all of my brushes - it's still a really weird space, because the wall cuts out in strange measurements, and the radiator is not fun to work around. but, i've made it work for the past year.

in my new room, my desk will become my vanity area. because really - does a 24 year old really need a desk? right now it just holds my computer and a bunch of crap. not anymore!

first step - i'm going to get a much bigger mirror. ikea has this cute one for only $10!
second step - drawers. i'm thinking a skinny sterilite ditty from target or something, to store my various hair dryers, flat irons, and curling irons, and some larger products that i don't reach for every day. i also want to get some desktop organizers to store smaller cosmetics and products i use every day, but still keeping clutter to a minimum. LUCKILY the container store is having a huge sale, AND i just found a coupon for 15% off my the new issue of real simple! love when good things like that happen.

third step - inspiration! the wall around where the vanidesk will be is completely bare, and needs some new life. i think it's time to go through my old magazines and tear out tips, looks, and other helpful hints to have whenever i need.

i am so excited to set this all up, and best of all, it probably won't cost too much. i know it will make my life so much easier - and not like it is now, with things constantly falling over (my room is a little tilted), and just generally being so cramped. of course, i'll post pictures when it's all done.

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