Saturday, August 21, 2010

june favorites

(this is a repost from my personal blog, from 6/23/10. all opinions still apply!)

i've recently become addicted to frequenting makeup "guru" videos on youtube to find out new tips and tricks and reviews of products i'm interested in buying in the future. i love youtube for this reason -- i can search anything i'm looking to purchase and find real live reviews of it, see how well it works, etc. it's amazing and has actually saved me a lot of time, effort and money by finding out products are not all that great, and deciding not to purchase them. if i were braver or more photogenic, i would think of getting in on this trend myself. but i can't even keep up a blog, how would i make a little video channel survive!?

so for now, i'll use my blog as my platform for this. i've got 3 products right now that i'm in LOVE with. however, i'm still getting used to this new blogger in draft thing, so my pictures aren't working out or formatting properly. i'm including links to the products, so click through to see what they look like!so it's not a toss/try/buy, just a sampling of my favorite products right now. got any suggestions? let me know!

i bought this last summer after seeing a good review of it on youtube. it says it's a primer, but i HATED it and stopped using it after a while because it wasn't working. but a few weeks ago, i found it in my mess of half-used-makeup-i-hope-to-use-again-at-some-point and decided to give it a try, but in a different way. it has been sooo hot and humid in philly, which makes my makeup run like whoa. i decided to use this product OVER my makeup (which it says to do on the directions, anyway) and let me tell's amazing. not only does it minimize pores and smooth skin, it sets makeup like nothing else, mattefies, and basically blocks the humidity all together. 

i'm so glad i picked it up again. personally, i use it before it put on my BM mineral veil, so it's like double whammy of protection and perfection. just so you know how well it works...embarrassing but true story...i accidentally slept in my makeup last weekend and had to wake up early for work. when i woke up, my face looked as fresh as the moment i put it on the previous morning. so i went to work like that, and nobody could tell. PROOF.

i've always been a fan of cover girl mascara's especially the lash blast line. since i'm on a budget, i'm saving my stash of diorshow and using this instead, and i'm really happy with it. the fusion combines the best of the best when it comes to mascara -- length + volume + curl. it's no diorshow, but it's a very good alternative that i highly reccommend.

i'm constantly on the search for the perfect style creme that will give me everything i want:
              • no greasiness -- a MUST
              • tames the frizzies and flyaways
              • smells good
              • lasts a while
              • inexpensive
              • protects my hair
              • moisturizing
so when i saw a commercial for this stuff, i had to try it. and it does everything i want, and lives up to its name! i use this on and off with my john fredia heat protecting spray, and it's good mix. the creme smells delightful, covers well, and leaves my hair feeling soft, silky smooth, and not weighed down. plus, the naturalness of it makes me feel like i'm doing something good, idk.

let me know if you try any of these out...i'm interested to know what other people think!

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