Saturday, August 21, 2010

toss/try/buy vol. 3

(this is repost from my personal blog, from 11/15/09. all opinions still apply!)

i've been frequenting sephora lately because i'm now a VIB, and with that special privilage comes 10% off and this past weekend's 20% off preview night. needless to say, i've been surrounded by beauty products. i got some new stuff for myself (just stocking up -- much easier when you have that discount) and some christmas gifts that i'm really excited about. so as an ode to my beauty filled weekend, i'm doing another toss/try/buy. (have anything you're excited about product wise? let me know! i love trying new things).

Revlon Double Twist Mascara

i was excited about this because the special brush offered the best of both worlds, and looked pretty cool, too. LET DOWN ALERT -- it does not deliver on its promises. the moment i took the wand out of the tube, i could tell it would be messy. it was basically a heap of goop, and i ended up using eye makeup remover to take it off before i was even done. there was no saving this stuff. from other reviews i've read, others have been having the same experiences. don't believe jessica alba, people, this stuff sucks. luckily, right around the time i tried it, sephora was having a special "bring in your old makeup" event, and i brought in 5 old items to get $10 off my next purchase.

Ojon Rub-Out Dry Cleanser

i've been trying to find a new trick for making my every-other-day hair non-washed hair look less gross, and baby powder worked wonders when i was blonder. now that i've gone dark again, it shows up, big time. my old dry shampoo, an awful powder that smelled like lysol and mr. clean, made me want to gag whenever i used it. so i finally picked up the ojon project, and from the first time i've used it, i've been hooked. it goes on clear, smells great, and actually makes my hair look decent. highly suggested.

L'oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara

yes, another mascara. I'm still loyal to Diorshow and always will be, but I've been using this in conjunction with it. For some reason, no matter how much i curl and separate my lashes, i can't get the outer and inner corner lashes to look right. this brush does wonders and makes them look amazing. i can get in the littlest places, and also use it to separate clumps from my main mascara application. what's also great about it is there isn't a ton of product on the little brush, so it doesn't make it clump again. it's a great little tool. i know givenchy makes a similar mascara, but i didn't want to pay a bajillion dollars for something that wasn't a main necessity. sometimes drugstore brands disappoint, and sometimes they amaze!

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