Saturday, August 21, 2010

toss/try/buy vol. 2

(this is a repost from my personal blog, from 8/18/09. all opinions still apply!)

it's that time again! i've been testing the waters with some new products and am here to weigh in on my findings. if you haven't read the first installment, i highly suggest it. it's a must read! i try to keep myself knowledgeable with the latest and greatest trends in beauty, even if i don't own them all. so here's my little bit of knowledge (and opinion) for you, i hope it helps in some way.


now girls, i am brand-loyal to gillette's venus line (and not because the G's were my favorite high school teachers :-]), if only because i know i'll get a great shave with very, very few cuts. i've tried the intuition and still have the scars to show for it. so i was pumped when i found a coupon for the venus breeze at a very low price (i usually use the venus embrace but thought i'd give this a shot). however, i was not pleased with this razor. maybe it's because it's only 3 blades and i'm used to 5, or because the soap/moisture strip is sticky and comes off after a few uses. it's not really suitable for the underarms, either. with an embrace i can get a cartridge to last a month; with this, only 2 weeks MAX. so there's my $.02 on that! NEXT!


i saw an ad for the new dove ultimate visibly smooth deodorant and just HAD TO TRY IT. i mean, something that promises to make it possible to shave less! i wanted it more than veruca salt wanted an oompa loompa. i've been using it for a few weeks now, and i haven't seen a MAJOR improvement, but i can tell it is working. i have the nature fresh scent, but the wild rose smells good as well. they go on clear--always a plus, and work pretty well throughout the day. secret makes a similar product, and hopefully degree will soon as well (i usually use degree). if you hate shaving as much as i do, give this a shot and let me know if it makes a difference for you.


i got a small sample of this ojon product from sephora a few months ago and didn't really give it a try for a while. however, i wish i'd started using it right away! this is the ojon lightweight revitalizing mist/leave in conditioner. not only does is smell delicious, it makes your hair silky smooth, shiny and radiant. the biggest perk for me is that it doesn't leave my hair greasy the next day, which is a big problem i have with my fine (but for some reason, very thick) hair. i've recommended this to almost everyone i know. while it is on the pricy side, i believe it is a good investment. it's also very fun to use! it's got 2 layers, and you have to shake to activate them and mix together. nothing like getting a little groove on during an otherwise mundane morning routine!

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