Saturday, August 21, 2010

toss/try/buy vol. 1

(this is a repost from my personal blog, from 7/23/09. all opinions still apply!)

i was reading my newest marie claire today and saw the feature "toss, try, buy." i was planning on doing a makeup/product review soon, so i thought, why not now?! here is my own little version...if you have any additions, let me know for future posts!

(sephora tinted moisturizer)

i got it because i wanted to try something new after using the cover girl stuff for so long, and when i sampled it at the store it seemed pretty good. i was so wrong! this stuff makes your skin super oily and basically just sits on the surface of the skin instead of actually being absorbed and, oh, i don't know, MOISTURIZING. after using it for a month, i'm really fed up and plan on going back to the cheapo cover girl stuff, which never gave me problems. i guess change isn't always good.

(l'oreal everpure)

i picked up this shampoo because it finally gave me what i was looking for: color protection and moisture. it's hard to find a system that does both, and does it well, that isn't too expensive (well, at least for me). i was pleasantly surprised with it, and it kept my highlights bright for a really long time, and moisturized well. it's great because it doesn't contain sulfates, which is one of the worst things for your hair, especially colored hair. it also smells wonderful! if you're in the market for something new, i suggest you give this a try.


(dior diorshow mascara in black)

BUY!!! buy now!! there is a reason this mascara is voted #1 every year. its been a bestseller at sephora for years, and is just overall amazing. it doesn't clump, doesn't come off and flake during the day (something i struggle with), and comes off very easily. i'm so glad i was finally able to get it and will NEVER go back to anything else!!

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