Saturday, August 21, 2010

must-have spotlight: bare minerals

if you've ever watched TV, chances are you've seen the bare minerals informercial at least once. you may be skeptical, or you may already use the product and love it. if you're in the former group, i'm here to convince you otherwise.

i think bare minerals is quite possibly the best makeup i've ever used. after years of dealing with liquid foundations that broke me out, then mixing and matching different drugstore formulas, i finally broke down and spent the money for the good stuff - and i've never looked back.

not only has this makeup helped clear up my face, which has in turn built my confidence, it has actually cut DOWN on the amount of makeup i buy. despite being a bit pricey, it actually lasts longer than most products out there. i purchased the starter kit in october 2009. the two shades that came with the kit lasted me until february 2010, with everyday application. i bought a full sized color, and that lasted me until mid-august. a full 6 months! i'm still using the starter bronzer (warmth) and have plenty left. the mineral veil gets used a little faster, but is well worth its price and the amount used. when used with the prime time foundation primer, the kit really makes your skin flawless. not to mention the full-sized brushes that come in the kit - great quality tools that maximize coverage and add value to your investment.

i haven't tried the other products in the BM line, like the eyeshadows and blushes, because i have plenty of other stuff i'm trying out first, but i'm sure it's just as good. if you haven't jumped on the BM bandwagon yet, i highly urge you to head to your nearest sephora (or bare minerals store!) and get color matched. it only takes a few seconds, and you're on your way to changing your skin for the better!

(ftc disclaimer: these are my honest opinions, i am not being paid or sponsored by a company for this review)

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